About G1 Impact

Who Is g1 Impact?

G1 Impact is a Michigan-based non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The organization was created to help for-profit social enterprises access philanthropic capital and grow impact capital investment funds with expense support.



G1 Impact operates on a Model C fiscal sponsorship model keeping 10-15% of all grant funding which is used to provide governance, reporting and general oversight.

Minimum grant size is $5,000

G1 Impact seeks funding for all levels of fiscal sponsorship and impact fund incubation. Typical impact fund incubation program costs are $30,000 per year. We use both A & C Models of Fiscal Sponsorship

More Than Sponsorship…

G1 Impact is intentional about providing high level impact to both the funder and recipient in all cases of fiscal sponsorship.

Requirements from G1 Impact go beyond the customary guides for funding accountability. G1 Impact delivers best-of-breed observations to both parties while engaged in oversight. Reporting often extends beyond the completion of the project.


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