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Dime Detroit

Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) is a music institute like no other – custom built for serious musicians who desire a long-term, professional career in modern music. The courses are designed to build strong musical foundations, which allow students to seize opportunities for long and sustained careers in the music industry.

DIME’s approach to Music Education is unique. Our measures of success are different from others. For instance, have you ever considered why highly technical music often reaches a smaller audience than ‘simple’ music? All of our high-level courses are for musicians and entrepreneurs who wish to excel and maximize their musical ability, whilst learning how the industry works. At DIME, we never forget the importance of earning a living from music. Navigating your way around the music industry is a complicated business, and learning from experience is the best way. DIME’s founders and instructors have that experience. You will discover how to build your musical career from people who have enjoyed sustained success.

DIME provides tuition scholarships for low to moderate income Detroit youth along with supplies and encouragement for growth.

Impact T3

The Impact C3 Group #1, LLC is a registered 506 (b) offering organized for the purpose of connecting both equity and debt capital to for-profit social enterprises in the Detroit Metro area.

The fund connects capital, deploys their network of connections, and gives time to the portfolio companies unlikely to receive capital due to the stage or size of the business.

Accredited Impact Investors are offered a less-than-market rate return in the fund as the goal of the fund is job creation first for those with barriers to employment.

This fund is eligible for annual expense support.

Inhabitect, LLC

Inhabitect, LLC is a full service firm focused on designing, building and growing all forms of green infrastructure and native/restorative landscapes. Inhabitect is working to empower and mentor at risk and under-served youth (16-26 years old) to become a highly-skilled and trained work force. The program will create a clear process and curriculum that will assist these youth to move into a fulfilling and meaningful career in a field of work that is focused on designing, building and growing green infrastructure.

Bobby Murray Presents the music of Etta James Project

Bobby played guitar with the late Etta James and the Roots Band for 23 years. This entailed touring nationally, internationally and also recording with one of the greatest voices of American music. He has has played on three Grammy winning recordings, two with Ms. James and one with BB King. The last few years he has presented a show featuring the music of Etta James in a revue format including himself on guitar and a full band, with musicians and vocalists from the Detroit Metro area.

Etta often provided jobs for at-risk youth and Bobby would like to continue that legacy. He believes, by their diversity of musicians and vocalists, that they contribute toward eliminating prejudice and discrimination. It takes all, from all backgrounds in society to make this a better world. They also provide an advancement of education through music.

They have been featured at the International Blues Festival in Windsor, Canada, the Michigan Blues Festival in Lansing, Michigan and annual performances at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, MI. The performance from the Michigan Blues Festival was televised and featured on PBS affiliate, WKAR on their “Backstage Pass” program and has been seen on other PBS stations across the country. “Bobby Murray Presents the Music of Etta James” also won a Detroit Music Award in 2017. While responses have been extremely enthusiastic, it has become clear that now is the time to take this to a larger audience. They are now ready to record an album of these songs. This is much more than simply a tribute to one of the most prolific and influential singers in American blues, rock and roll, jazz and soul. (Etta was inducted into in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.) It is also an homage to the various musical genres of blues, jazz, soul and rock – music that was born here in America and has become much of the soundtrack of the world. And lovingly performed by musicians and vocalists from Detroit.

Bobby has been fortunate to assemble a team of musicians and vocalists who are more than capable of delivering this music faithfully – without attempting to copy verbatim – yet still making a musical statement. Bobby Murray eloquently said “As a musician, I was afforded many opportunities by musical artists that I admired. And none more than Etta. They shared their pearls of experience, knowledge and wisdom with me. I would now like to do the same. The gift of music, my passion.”

Tayion Collection, LLC

Tayion Collection, Inc. has a passion for community outreach that reaches far beyond the glitz and glam of the fashion apparel industry. Montee Holland has a long history of partnering with many school and community initiatives. For over two decades he has been closely involved in mentorships, empowerment programs, various health/training workshops and continuing education programs. He has also assisted a countless number of people with obtaining college scholarships, gaining employment and becoming positive community role models to others. However, the next phase to the Tayion Collection vision is to help a much broader base of people with a life skills center that will be equipped with a cutting edge curriculum, convenient access and world class self-improvement programs.

The culture of Detroit has greatly influenced American and global culture through its automotive heritage, commercial enterprises and various creative endeavors throughout the 20th and 21st century. The city of Detroit once had a bustling population of almost 2 million residents. However, in recent years, Detroit has been plagued with an unemployment rate that is above 10 percent, a high school dropout rate that is arguably among the worst in the country and a declining population. According to the 2016 census, Detroit has just over 667,000 residents. As a native son of Detroit and a graduate of the public school system, Montee has made it his mission to help with the revitalization of this great city. The Tayion Life Skills Center will be easily accessible to all 50,000 Detroit public school students, their parents or guardians and any person who resides in Detroit community.

Tayion Collection, Inc. will acquire a class B multi-purpose building in the Detroit downtown area. It will operate under the mission, “Helping inner city residents shape their own futures as we share in the support and development of their communities”. Our vision is to become the authority in developing employable, confident, law abiding citizens by participating in our comprehensive youth and family development services in a diverse and caring environment. Thus, becoming empowered to reach their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential.

By providing various courses in leadership, collegiate expectations, business and skills trades training the Tayion Life Skills Center will promote individuals and families in achieving their dreams and life goals. We will provide transportation to the facility where it’s needed, provide college tours and have relationships with strategic companies for potential job placement opportunities. Our aim is to unlock the potential of the people that reside in the inner city of Detroit in an effort to build and sustain healthy communities.